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But have you triiied the baby bed? This is the hottest thing to hit the house since that ring of plastic with a piece if cardboard on it.

Well I don’t see why he has to walk to the litter box, he let’s me know and I place him in there! easy! #spoiled

Too oldfuh disshit

Sometimes things happen that are so awesome you can’t even talk about them you just O_O I am so immensely proud of of Laura for so many things on so many levels, I just honestly don’t have language for this! Check out the trailer on I want to be a part of that world and I can’t wait to go back ^__^ #rakuen

This is my face the day hair! Here I am, facing the day. (That gradient!)

I’m helping! Me,Tommy,and Guppy are in Ed’s group ^__^ #wasteland last night I used “Diablo’d” as a verb, I Diablo’d the last Hunger Games book, which means you get comically close to the end and are over it entirely XD

Bebe daddy<3

We like a shallow bath! (Yes she needs he nails clipped) #beardie #beardeddragon

1 year of growth! #beardeddragon #beardie #tbt

Don’t worry man, I did a gud job.

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